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Services I Offer

I offer several services including both 25 and 45 minute Tarot readings as well as offering Astrology and Numerology Charts. With over 30 years of professional work I can offer a reading like no other. I focus on finding a meaningful understanding and conversation which in itself highlights the clients needs.

Being clairvoyant and clairsentient I have an uncanny ability to focus on the individual and can often understand the emotional attachment to many of these readings. A little humour and a positive outlook is a Canadian trademark and I bring those along as well. My unique reading style and choice of multiple Tarot decks offers an experience that you might never see again.

Book your appointment today or at least take a chance on a free 25 minute reading. Every week I get to meet someone new and this week it might be you.

Good luck.

Enter Now For Free Weekly Reading*

    *Each Sunday evening a random winner is chosen and information will be sent to their email. I provide one free reading per week so keep on trying.

    Contact me me by using the contact form on the Contact page of this site or you can email me anytime at the following email:

    A personal appointment will be made to provide your reading. You can access the meeting using any device or even by calling the provided phone number.

    No worries you don’t need to be on camera 🙂

    All appointments or one on one readings are held on Zoom meetings and can be accessed through any device as well through telephone line if necessary. If further accommodations are necessary every effort will be made to accomodate.

    All payments are made through E-Transfer or by all Major Credit Cards in my online shop. 100% safe and convenient all provided by Stripe.

    Tarot Readings/ Consultation

    The best value for the money and at mid 90’s prices. This is the ultimate reading to get a good overview of your current and future situation. General readings and a more precise consultation is possible with this length of time.

    84.99 + HST

    This reading is for quick situational readings. One or two questions that are focused on and how they might affect your current situation or lifestyle. A brief reading for when a general reading is not warranted or if you want to test the waters. Great reading to try out my services.

    49.99 + HST

    This reading is a quick birthday present or gift for a friend or relative. A simple and unique gift idea and a way to provide a personalized video recording which will give a quick Tarot reading and general astrological, numerological outlook for the friend or relative.

    34.99+ HST

    Addon Features or Services

    This is the Rolls Royce of a yearly outlook. It provides a three pronged approach and combined with a 45 minute General Reading it provides the most thorough psychic forecast you can find anywhere in the world. All personalized for you.

    84.99 + HST when purchased as a seperate service