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Books and Reference

On this page is a brief summary of the current books I am currently working on. Tales From a Psychic Office and The Most Complete Tarot Guide That Ever Was Or Ever Will Be both in a beginner and advanced version. I am also contemplating a spinoff of Tales From a Psychic Office where all the novelization is fictitious and an entire universe and world can be opened up as a framework for future novels. This is currently in development and without any details.

Tales From a Psychic Office

This novel will be a look into the lifestyle of working in a real psychic office and the different interactions. It will explore the dynamic between the psychics themselves yet will also highlight some of the fascinating cases we worked on. With hundreds of interactions with the psychics and diviners and seeing how they use their tools, how they approach a reading and how the client reacts. The thousands of readings I performed and witnessed provides an amazing perspective on the people, culture and general feelings of the late 1990’s.

I believe this is a one of a kind perspective into a world that no longer exists and a situation that will never be again. I truly miss working in that office and would pay all that I have to revisit it all again. This is why I believe this book needs to be made and under advice from friends and family it is coming to life.

Although based on real life all personal details will be respected and a fictional representation will be provided.

The Most Complete Tarot Guide That Ever Was Or Ever Will Be

The title might be changed but that is the jist. I have studied multiple eras, decks, books and turned over every stone possible to bring you an interactive but approachable guide. This thing is so jam packed that two versions will be made. One covering every detail a beginner Tarot student would appreciate. I have approached it as explaining every iteraction the diviner has with the reading. This goes a lot further than just learning the card meanings. Intuitiveness can be taught.

This first book will be perfect for anyone looking to get into the craft.

I intend to provide this light version for free to my KoFi community as well as my Youtube, Rumble and Odysee subscribers.

—The Next Level—

This version of the guide will be focused on the advanced user. It will focus more on the theological, astrological and numerolical meanings of the Tarot. The history of the Tarot will be explored along with an explanation of why the cards have evolved over time. The Thoth deck will be discussed as well as a more profound look at the Marseille decks and artists. I have investigated all aspects of a Tarot reading and show you how to approach it.

All written in my laid back style.

I seek to provide a wealth of information in an informative yet humourous way.