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  • A Little About Myself

    A Little About Myself

    My name is Alex Gilim and I have been a professional diviner and Tarot reader for over 30 years. I started in the industry at a young age and was able to gain the respect of my elders to better understand the art of divination and the outlying mysticism that goes along with it. Throughout…

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  • Services I Offer

    Services I Offer

    I offer several services including both 25 and 45 minute Tarot readings as well as offering Astrology and Numerology Charts. With over 30 years of professional work I can offer a reading like no other. I focus on finding a meaningful understanding and conversation which in itself highlights the clients needs. Being clairvoyant and clairsentient…

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  • Videos


    You can find me at Twitter/ X and on multiple video platforms such as YouTube, Rumble, and Odysee. If you are looking to support my community or get access to community resources you can find me page. If you like what I do and wish to buy me a Coffee, this is where I…

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  • Books and Reference

    Books and Reference

    On this page is a brief summary of the current books I am currently working on. Tales From a Psychic Office and The Most Complete Tarot Guide That Ever Was Or Ever Will Be both in a beginner and advanced version. I am also contemplating a spinoff of Tales From a Psychic Office where all…

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